Our center has been working for more than 10 years!

Education and Culture English Language Center “Centrs Sovins” offers to learn English for children and adults! It is possible to learn English at different levels, from A2 to C1.


Meet our friendly team!

Levs Sovins


Sovin Lev Ivanovich is the founder and director of the language center “CENTRS SOVINS”. He graduated from the Faculty of English Language and History of the Pedagogical Institute, obtained a master’s degree, as well as a musical education. He has worked at the Pushkin Lyceum for five years, as well as extensive experience in several language centers. During classes he uses modern teaching methods, the latest teaching aids, such as video materials, literature, newspaper materials, music and songs, as well as actively use Internet resources and current news for the practice of discussion and speaking tasks.

Tatjana Dmitrijeva

Dmitrieva Tatjana has a master’s degree in English philology. She has experience not only in teaching English, but also has experience as a translator and interpreter both in Latvia and abroad.
During the teaching process she develops individual programs, which are based on classical and modern techniques and students’ individual language perception. Many years of experience in teaching English and working with different groups of students not only improves the development of future individual programs, but also shows a high level of productivity.


Anna Mebele


Anna Mebele has more than twenty years of experience in teaching English. For eight years she worked at the Pushkin Lyceum, where she also worked as a teacher. After that, she worked as the head of the Foreign Language Department of the Riga Classical Gymnasium and an English language teacher. The next stage is a lecturer at the RTU Department of Translation.

Her teaching methodology makes extensive use of video and Internet resources, and the teacher has a huge range of teaching materials that have proven their effectiveness in practice. She is demanding in her work, so diligent students can achieve not only good but also excellent results.

Karolina Luta

Karolina Luta has a bachelor’s degree in English language teaching and a professional master’s degree in education management. She has been working in “Centrs Sovins” for seven years, and she has experience in working in a high school (4 years).

In her methodology she uses a wide range of materials, as well as available IT technologies, various lessons with video assignments and online quizzes. During the lessons, various life situations and role-plays are played, with an emphasis on conversational practice in English.